Sunday, November 24, 2013

Really Nice Letter

The Bible says when we give to the needy we are not to let our left hand know what our right hand is doing. We as Apostolics try to follow that so our deeds are not known to men but sometimes a letter comes in that should to be shared. There is so much devastation in the area that we are holding a special collection in Peoria. Read the letter below to understand why and where this money will be going.
Prior to this week, I knew nothing about Apostolic Christian World Relief, but that changed on Sunday morning when an EF-4 tornado tore through the heart of our community of 12,000 people. My home was spared, but many of our close friends lost everything they owned. Miraculously, casualties were very low and sadly we had one fatality. 
On Tuesday morning, the authorities allowed residents into the area to begin salvaging what remained of their homes. Along with my wife and three children, we have been helping two families pick up the pieces from two separate areas of our town. I have indicated one of the locations shown in the red circle in the photo at the right. The second location does not appear in the photo.

 Everywhere we have worked we have seen your crews hard at work, focused on removing debris and clearing the way for people to work. And what a job they have been doing, confidently, efficiently and quietly. On the first day, I took a moment from digging through debris to ask one specific group of men where they were from and this is where I first learned about Apostolic Christian World Relief.
The following day, we were at a different site and your crew from Fairbury was there. We were amazed at the speed and precision of their work. Two men in skid steer loaders accomplished in minutes what would have taken us days or weeks. One of the skid steers had your logo on it. I took a dozen or so photographs of them at work and included one of them here. I would love to share the rest with you. They are on my Facebook page (Tom Sander).   
Words cannot express how impressed we have been! Seeing a group so committed to serving others in need was powerful testimony to me, my family and everyone else working on the recovery effort.
Please share our gratitude with the men from Fairbury and all the other groups that have been helping so many in our community carry their burdens.
May God Continue to Bless You for All You are Doing!
Tom Sander
116 Lexington Dr.
Washington, IL 61571

Thanks SO much Tom for sending this letter. When we give to AC World Relief we are assured none of it will be wasted. 

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  1. Great post, Judy! Thank you so much. I just love my church and it makes me happy when someone is blessed by the work. Cindy Eisenmann