Saturday, November 30, 2013

Emma Loses Her Foal

My kitchen is finally closed and won't reopen until tomorrow morning. This kitchen has been busy since Wednesday. Meal after meal prepared, pan after pot used and dish after dish washed over and over.
Today Mark wanted to start splitting wood as soon as it was light but I talked him into waiting until 7:00 am. Instead he started burning the brush piles from last year. It was perfect burning weather, no wind at all and the wood very old and dry. The flames shot into the sky about 30 feet high. Mom could see the fire from her living room window.
We worked on the wood until even Mark was sick of it, filling the entire second layer of the lean-to.
I picked up Diane for Ella Plattner's funeral not wearing a coat thinking I didn't have to go to the cemetery. Thankfully the weather had warmed up into the 50's and sunny. When I found out we did have to sing at the funeral I tried texting Diane so she could get a ride home with mom as Diane had a wedding to attend.
Emily had 3 guests come to go riding at Middle Grove so she took the truck and stock trailer and loaded up Ayanna, Anna and Eliza and planned to bring home Hadassah for training. While checking over the mares she noticed Emma the Friesian mare not the dog, had aborted and retained her placenta. She had to be loaded up and brought home. I'll have to get her to the vet Monday for a clean out. This is another hard loss for Horsemeister. We weren't able to get Jenis or Anna bred and now Emma lost her foal. Sometimes I wonder if this breeding business is worth it. Although there is nothing so sweet as a newborn Friesian foal, so next year I'll forget about this years heartaches.
Emily reported that the foals at Middle Grove are doing well. They rode Mika, Bunni, Lola and Missy even going through the lake as the weather was so nice. She reported the horses were all spread out grazing although they had eaten some off the 3 round bales Mike placed in the feeders.  If the nice weather holds I'll try to get out there to get some pictures.

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