Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perfect without Practice

Emily and Rhoda worked on putting the cover on the magic box this morning. Emily sewed sheets together without trying it on the box first, just by taking measurements and wala it fits perfect.
We still need to cut the front and back for the door ways. A picture was emailed to Andrew at Neon Creations to see if he could put the Horsemeister logo on both sides.
Today was weaning day for Eliza's colt. Below Rhoda is asking him to put his halter on.
Even on this gray dreary day the fall colors are spectacular, it is almost worth living in Illinois to be able to enjoy fall. We put the colt in with Rosalie, Prius and Solomon but Rosalie wasn't being very nice, keeping him out of the shelter so Rhoda put him back in the paddock with Killian and moved Eliza out of that paddock and into the cabin field with Ayanna and Paris. We had been taking Eliza away for shows and trail rides for a few hours a day so they are not upset now, but come tonight may be a different story. The girls are busy cleaning out the indoor arena preparing it for winter use now that our nice weather had disappeared.
Dan is going to come today to see if the repair on the golf cart will be an easy one or more difficult.

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