Sunday, November 3, 2013

Extra Hour

We got an extra hour last night, not that we used it sleeping, for some reason we just can't sleep in. We woke up at our usual time of 5:00am which was really 4:00am giving us hours to kill before leaving for church. Church was such a blessing. Craig Stickling spoke in the morning and Dave Obergfel in the afternoon. I was able to pick up a cd of the morning sermon for Mark and mom. Mark was downstairs in David's class while mom was at the jail.
After church Emily Rickett's family came to visit Emily. Emily pulled out her pony to let Megan ride. I snapped a picture of Emily warming her up first.

Then headed for the house. Tim Reinhard brought the Hatian company over to see the horses and dogs.
 Amy Koch was kind enough to drive from Tremont over for a visit. We had Ruth, Anni, Jessica, David Jacob, Rhoda, Sarah and Amy join us for dinner.

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