Friday, November 29, 2013

Fun Thanksgiving Day

We had a very blessed day yesterday from the ride to church in one of Spark's buses to the end of the day.
Spark picked Mark, Sarah and I up and we were the last 3 to fit, that bus was packed. We got to hear the ABC song almost the entire trip thanks to Jane (Jay and Tara's). David Obergfel had the Thanksgiving day service. He started out with this, "what if we were all so thankful everyday that we had to have a day set aside as national gripe day?" That made us think! As he was a teacher he had to get in a few facts about the day, like after the original feast of thanksgiving during the first year of survival, the second year went so well they didn't hold a feast but the 3rd year the magistrate published that all must come to the meeting house and give thanks to our Lord.
After church it was the usual rush to get the food heated up and out to the school. It took us a little longer, the oven was turned on and shortly was producing smoke, so much smoke all the doors had to be opened and the fans turned on. The oven was turned off and Sarah and I worked on cleaning off the burning turkey drippings. We made it to the Old School Center though just in time for the big meal. Beth Herman was in charge this year and did a great job organizing it. The best part and worst part (no camera) of the day for me was watching Spark and Mark down on their hands and knees giving pony rides to the hundreds (slight exaggeration) of grandkids. Those kids were lined up waiting jumping on board before the last could get bucked off. The older kids played volley ball while the oldest kids (us) sat around visiting.
Afterwards my kids and grandkids came back here for more fun and left overs, then over to Sauders for games. It was a jam packed great day.
I must get busy now, we will be serving breakfast at 8:30 am and I still need to bake a coffee cake to go along with the 4 dozen eggs, 4 pounds of sausage, 24 biscuits, 5 pounds of grapes, pumpkin bread (baked by Kim) a couple pots of coffee and 2 gallons of orange Juice.

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