Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Little Blessings

Phil dropped off the girls just as the walk started but it was too cold to take Taegan, I had him take her right up to Rhoda who slept here last night. Braelyn was bundled up warmly for the golf cart ride.
After the walk Rhoda, Sarah and Emily headed over to Rachel's to work on the play house. They worked there until afternoon then warmed up in her hot tub. Emily decided not to waste time sitting around in a hot tub and came back here to work horses. She came in enthused about how well Killian is going. He did exceptionally well today. We have been trying to get the news about the tornado damage but the internet wasn't working well. We heard there were fatalities now, I think 10 total 1 local. The damage is shocking.
 I kept the girls inside the rest of the day, it just didn't warm up much. We had fun making paper masks to try on.
 dressing up Darcy

 jumping on the dog bed and chair cushions
 and clumping around in grandpa's old work shoes. 
It was dark by the time Philip picked them up. Mark came home late tonight from his meeting hungry. I was sure they would feed him at that 3 hour meeting and didn't bother preparing anything so he got breakfast for supper tonight.

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