Friday, November 22, 2013

Israel Visits

I left the house at 6:00am to pick up Israel at the shop. He was a happy boy today. At 7:20 am he was taken into the apartment and given to Emily while I walked. It was just too cold to take him on the golf cart and at 5 months old he is too heavy for me to carry for the mile long walk. He took a 2 hour nap this morning and while he was sleeping Mark agreed to stay in the house to listen for him while I ran out to watch Rhoda and Emily work horses. The first 2 worked were Ayanna and Eliza. Rhoda worked with Ayanna while Emily was tacking up Eliza.
 After letting Ayanna run a bit Rhoda brought her in to the middle and asked for a bow.
 This was done with no lead rope just a whip to cue. After the bow Rhoda asked her to lay down.
 Rhoda then told her to stay and walked away. Ayanna was watching for the cue to stand and waited until Rhoda gave it. What a smart 3 year old!
 Rhoda is riding Ayanna while Emily is riding Eliza. They had a very good session with them today.
I had to leave by this time but after these 2 mares were put away Rhoda brought out Rosalie and reported, she is very smart. Ayanna and Rosalie are full sisters. Rhoda feels Ayanna has a bit better conformation. It will be interesting to see when Rosalie is full grown. Emily brought Valiant out for some work while Sarah worked with Anna. All of these horses are doing so well. Today was de-worming day here. Rhoda and Emily got the herd de-wormed with Strongid.  
Diane was watching 2 of her grand children so Israel was taken over to her house for a bit. Mom came over to visit and play with the babies.

Mark and Emily got the old lights down from the indoor and tomorrow Spark is coming over to help Mark install the new lights. This should make it bright enough for better indoor pictures. Mark took the truck and stock trailer to TSC and picked up 2 16 foot heavy duty gates and a couple of hog panels. 
David met me at Sam's to pick up Israel and I went in to buy a few more groceries. I was disappointed though, yesterday I didn't buy eggs at Aldi's I thought they were just too expensive at $1.59 a dozen so planned on buying them today at Sam's along with the pecans for the pie. The same 36 eggs I spent  $3.69 on were now $4.69. not much savings. Oh well I now have plenty of eggs for baking. At least the pecans were on sale.

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