Friday, November 15, 2013

Building a Play House

Rachel is teaching our children how to build a play house from start to finish. Today they finished setting the trusses. Mom came over to play with Israel and offered to watch him while I drove over to take some pictures of Rachel's crew at work.
Her crew today left to right top: Emily, Rachel, David, Caleb with Rhoda and Sarah below.

Karin had to work today but showed up to help once she got off work. This is going to be portable, it can easily be moved with a flat bed trailer. 
Rhoda says that Rachel is a man in a women's body. She can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to. I heard her giving instructions to them saying, "it is very important to measure before nailing, these must be 18 inches on center." Then whipping out her tools and nailing it! I'm impressed with this younger generation, if they want something they don't go buy it they build it.
By the time I made it back mom was playing with Israel. He is just so cute.

He is a serious baby and makes us work for smiles and giggles. Mom did more than just play with him, she also brought us dinner, home made stew. She knew I was too busy to cook and after eating the stew I was so glad I was too busy to cook that was delicious and hit the spot. Then even better she cleaned my house while I was driving Israel back. Where does she get her energy, at 81 years of age she just hasn't slowed down much. Last week I ordered $1000.00 worth of shredded rubber for the arena floor and got the notice it was shipped today. It is just coming from Joliet, IL so I was sure it would arrive today but it never came. It must be sitting on a truck somewhere. 

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