Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Up then Down

This morning the filly is having constant diarrhea. This is SO discouraging! She was doing so well last night I really thought we were out of the woods. She was given 21/2 liters of fluids early, her pills, kaopectate, and happy shot, Then I went over to mom's where she served a wonderful breakfast of fresh pullet eggs, whole wheat toast, sausage and fresh squeezed orange juice. At 11:30 am I headed back to the farm to give her another 21/2 liters of fluid. The pills were given again at 12:30, a little early for this dose but I am not heading back out until 4:00pm.
Dr. Pallen was called to get health papers for Mika and Bunni, both are traveling to Gunnison Colorado for a week of trail riding with Mike and Diane and the filly was discussed at the same time. She feels we are on the right track treatment wise.
I leave tomorrow to take Taunya and Addyson up to Chicago so will need to show someone how to do this IV job for Thursday night and Friday morning.
Jenis came in season today and was covered. Bummer on that, We only got her covered once last time and wasn't sure if the timing was right. Obviously not or something else is going on with her. We saw blood after the birth of her filly this year, Dr. Hoerr did an ultrasound on her and didn't see any problem but this makes me wonder.
There MUST be something to rejoice about today, OH yes, THIS world is NOT our home, we are only passing through, some day and maybe soon all of these petty trials will be over and we will be feeling MIGHTY FINE!

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