Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Addyson Overnights

As Ben and Taunya are still on their Alaskan Cruise, Addyson has been able to spend the night with us for the last 2 nights. Today she is going to be picked up by her other grandparents Jackie and Ronnie Rumbold. The first 3 nights she stayed with Phil and Anna. The next night Sarah wanted Addyson in her room and last night Rhoda wanted to keep her.
Rhoda and Addyson were busy playing in the living room last night when Darcy walked over and sat on Rhoda's lap.

Addyson ran over to the couch, crawled up it and started telling Darcy to "go away." She is kind of intimidated by Darcy. She finally got enough nerve to come over and pet big Darcy.
Addyson loves playing with Emma.
The picture below is the fish John Honegger caught at the lake during the Labor Day picnic on Saturday. This is off a phone so kind of small but still very impressive catch. He released it for another lucky angler.

Time to get the munchkin dressed for our walk.

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