Friday, September 10, 2010


The house needed to be cleaned this morning and laundry started. Then it was down to work. Duke had an 11:00am appointment in Morton, IL to get his blood drawn for a new coggins and Steven very graciously offered to take him. At the walk this morning I stopped in the Horsemeister office to pick up all the IV supplies to go back to the vets office for a refund so around 10:40 I left for Morton. The health papers were picked up for Samantha and Big Sally, one more Exceed shot was picked up for Samantha's filly, with the coggins plus refund the bill came to $266.10. Hopefully that will be the LAST of the bills for Samantha's filly. A foal shot was picked up for Sandy's filly and since the Exceed needed to be taken out to the farm, Rachel was called and together that filly was given her shot. It took BOTH of us, what a strong stocky filly she is. I spent about an hour working on registration papers for the horses that are sold. This is a time consuming tedious job but must be done before the horses are picked up or delivered. Still need to make copies of Velvet's registration and pull hair from the 3 that will be leaving.
Mike and Diane are now in Gunnison, CO with Mika and Bunni and the horses are doing well. They are to take lots of pictures and email them so hopefully we can get some nice mountain shots up.
Rhoda borrowed the truck and trailer to take Cassie to Gitza's barn tomorrow.
We got an email that the pet containment system has been shipped. Emma is going to be shocked, literally and figuratively.
Mark had a late estimate in Metamora, came home a little early and ate a chicken sandwich before heading out. He is burning the candle at both ends lately.
hard to believe tomorrow is Saturday!

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