Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jenis & Ylse In Foal

Dr. Hoerr called a little after 2:00pm to say he was on the way. Rohan was brought out and given a bath first for his health check. He had been playing in the mud with Caden.

Then Steven went over to the cabin to bring back the girls for their ultrasounds.

Izadora and Sanna were let out to graze while we were waiting.

Izadora is so black and shiny and in wonderful shape for her upcoming foaling. Sanna just loves to be out grazing.
Chloe was brought out and played with. All 4 feet are picked up every day and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. She still needs to be reminded at her young age to stand quietly when the back hooves are picked up. She has never offered to kick just sometimes will lose her balance and put the hoof down to quick. She was tied to wait for Dr. Hoerr for her coggins and health check.

Steven brought Star out to lunge him a bit. It was nice to see him so full of energy.

When Dr. Hoerr arrived, he sonagramed Jenis first, then Ylse and finally Ribbon.
Jenis is due Aug 13th, and Ylse is due July 23rd. We are thankful they were both sonagramed in foal. Ylse's we could even see a heart beat.

Looking at the monitor in the middle of the picture is the foal.
We knew Ribbon was in season but wanted to find out why she is not settling.

After checking her out, Dr. Hoerr found fluid in her uterus. She was cultured, then infused with an antibiotic. We will find out the results Friday.
Just as Dr. Hoerr was ready to leave this truck and barn showed up.

Ralph and Jamie are putting this temporary building up. This will make a nice barn for their new place.
The mares were put back, Steven moved in round bales, then headed over to Rachel's were he has been hired to teach Xena ground manners. When we got back Karin had moved the fire engine out of the arena and was cantering Ribbon. I was very impressed with how balanced she canters. She jumped off and Sarah Reinhard jumped on for some pictures.

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