Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beauty Alone?

OK, we received an email from a lady with a 4 year old 3/4 Friesian mare by Flurry she would like to trade. This immediately sets up red flags. The foals we have seen by Flurry are beautiful but the one we owned we could NOT train. This was the first time I ever gave up on a horse and sold her as brood mare only. So I asked was this mare under saddle and was told lots of in hand work was done but no under saddle work yet, they were going to send her to the trainer to finish her. Now when we hear of a 4 year old with no undersaddle work only in hand work, I believe there must be a problem.
Years ago before we owned any Friesians Rhoda and I decided to breed Patsy to a Friesian stallion and asked for videos from different stallion owners. OF all we looked at we picked Flurry, we loved his body type. It didn't work out on our end, it just was too far to drive Patsy up there and they were not yet offering shipped semen.
When we decided to buy Raven we didn't do any of the background searches to find out how his foals would turn out, we didn't test his blood to see if he had the red gene, we didn't even have his semen tested to see if it would ship. After 8 years of standing Raven at stud We are so blessed that not only does Raven throw beautiful foals that look more like him than the mare (and we KNOW the mares) but he also throws his amazing disposition. He does not have the red gene, and unlike some other Friesian stallions he is very fertile plus his semen ships fantastic. How blessed are we? VERY!

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