Saturday, September 4, 2010

Picnic Bacon Funnal Cakes

We had a very large group out for the Saturday picnic. All ages but the bulk of the group seemed to be kids, LOTS of kids.
Karin took 9 horses out at a time over and over again. Mike was helping for a while and finally told her, "I'm not taking out any more screaming girls."
Bunni, Sophie, Duke, Paris, Autumn, Mika, Jewel, Sangria, Jenis, Sunny and Larry were all used and and reused.

The trampoline had a crowd on it the entire time. The playground equipment was well used.
Lissa Calhoun brought her 2 Irish Wolfhound puppies for the kids to enjoy.

The fishing was fantastic John Honegger caught a HUGE 21 inch long large mouth bass, Mike took a picture then John released it for another lucky angler.
We have a catch and release clause for the big ones at the lake which is professionally managed by Herman Pond Management. The boys were catching lots of bluegill and bass and of course had to show the girls the frogs caught.

Matt and Lisa's family of 10 moved out of the cabin to make room for the Saturday reservations of Doug and Cindy Streitmatter's family.
For dinner the group ordered pizza's from Little Ceasers in Pekin and furnished lots of good sides. After dinner the Deanna & Jay Knoblouch brought out their funnel cake machine and started cooking and cooking. Rachel and Mike got out the bacon about the same time and someone else marshmallows for somemores. We had the guitar going, some singing some just visiting. The volley ball players kept rotating on and off the court a team at a time. There was almost always an ultimate frisby game going on and of course the ever played football for the guys. The girls all headed over after dinner to Rachel's to jump in the hot tub.
It was just about a perfect Saturday, cool enough for a big crackling hot fire and just think, tomorrow we get to do it all again! Anyone wanting to come feel welcome.

Come on out, enjoy the beautiful weather, swim if it gets hot enough, the campfires are always excellent and of course the horses are GREAT.

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