Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not so Good

The repair bill for the skid steer is $2653.00 shudder, shudder. The truck is in the repair shop with a leak on the back differential manifold. Not even sure what that is! The computer would not share with the other computer so the music for the video was very limited.
Once the video was made it went somewhere so fast that it just couldn't be found. After struggling for over an hour to find it, just made another video and this time made sure it would save to desk top.
But... this will still be a good day, Addyson is over for a couple hours and tonight is our first Titus Bible study at Howard and Nancy Herman's house. Really looking forward to that.

Steven showed up at Bridlewood to pick up my trailer and haul it to the Hanna City farm as the truck is in the shop. He stayed around to help shoot the video. We were going to haul Chloe into Bridlewood but decided the cabin field would work. We were just finishing up when Mike came home for lunch and got in the act.
The boys were moved into the cabin field and the little boys (Rohan and Caden) were moved into the small shelter.
The laundry is not done, the house is not clean, there are 30 people coming for dinner Saturday so tomorrow better be a stay at home, cook and clean day.

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