Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long Evening

Grocery shopping was a very necessary job this afternoon, we were completely out of French Vanilla CREAM for our coffee. Are we spoiled or not? Dinner was chicken salad sandwiches made with 12 grain bread, 2 chicken breasts, lettuce, sea salted slivered almonds, celery, onions and mayo. For dessert a Key Lime pie, Mark's favorite.
Mark and I left the house a little after 9:00pm for the farm. The filly was lying down but got up when we walked into the stall. Samantha was anxious for her dinner and once fed, the IVs were brought out and started. Tonight it took FOR EVER to get through the 5 liter bag. We finally left the farm at 11:00pm and in the almost 2 hours we were there she did NOT have diarrhea. YEAH!! She nursed twice while hooked up to the IVs and nibbled on hay. I think we are out of the woods.
We heard we ended up with 34 bales of hay. With the 55 we got on the first cutting and the 150 we ordered we should have enough hay for the year.

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