Saturday, September 25, 2010


Pulling up to the farm, there are 2 yearlings standing in the drive waiting impatiently for SOMEONE to open the gate. It was actually hard to get out of the car with Ciera and Valiant surrounding the door. How sweet to be so wanted! There were 4 yearlings in the cabin field and only 2 at the farm so the concern is WHERE are Chloe and Evan. A hike over to the cabin is in order where the gate is discovered unlatched but shut although there are no horses in sight. That meant a hike down the cabin field, and there they are lying down taking a nap but jump up and come when they see me walking. Of course they need to be rewarded for coming so they got their grain early. This is a mystery though, how 2 were out, 2 were in with the gate shut but not latched. Probably one that will never be solved.
Mike emailed these pictures this morning of his grandchildren and the boys. He thinks this is Evan and Valiant but there is really no way to tell, it could be Ciera and one of the boys. Below is Willow getting checked over.

And Willow's brother Tate meeting one of the horses.

Hard to decide who is cuter the kids or the horses.
Steven Marchal is taking Ciera, Valiant and Evan out to Middle Grove this morning. We were actually shocked at how good the girls looked by being there all summer. Their muscle tone is fantastic which comes from being with a herd of horses running up and down the hills and swimming in the lakes. The boys will learn to mind their manners around the crabby mares.
Steven has been working with Rohan and called this morning to report he is quietly going in and out of both trailers. He does wonders with the young ones. Rohan was just weaned a few days ago. Steven has also been hired to work with Chloe before she leaves. The owner would like her leading, loading, cross tie and giving all 4 feet quietly. The estimated date of pickup for her is Oct. 13th.
For the pictures we have decided it is Valiant on the left and Evan on the right above Willow and it is Ciera with Tate.

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