Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email from David

We are meeting tonight for our oldest son's birthday. David is now 32 years old. Below is an email that came from him this morning:
Rhoda, I'm driving your car to the game and Stef will drive me home after she gets off work. If you can't drive it home send mom or dad. you owe me 182.00. Pay now or I'll break your thumbs. Love, David.
One can tell he is serious by the picture above.

When I saw this, I started laughing! The rest of the story is that David's car had to go into the shop for repairs, he borrowed Rhoda's Impala but that had a muffler problem that needed repaired. David took care of that for her.
Mike and Ebby joined Rachel and I for the walk this morning. Thank goodness this caused Rachel to slow down enough so I could BREATH. Rachel is WAY younger and in MUCH better shape, if she is walking because she wants exercise she will need to walk with the nieces, us old folks like to visit and can't talk if we can't breath.
Rohan had a snotty nose this morning, no temp and full of energy so hopefully it's just a cold. A nursing foal gets all kinds of immunities from the mother's milk, once weaned is when things show up. At least he has plenty of time before leaving for his new home to get over it.

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