Thursday, September 16, 2010

Church Dinner Church

Mark wanted to leave early for church to start the labeling of the units. There are so many furnaces and air conditioners, the men were having trouble figuring out which unit did what job. We were on our way shortly after 5:00pm and were up on the church roof by 5:30pm.

This is just a small roof area, we never had to go way up on the peaks, just on the flat areas.

Each unit needed to be identified as to what area it would heat or cool, then labeled.

We quit at 6:15pm before people started coming and headed off to Mark's favorite restaurant HyVee where he got a one trip salad bar and I got a bowl of soup. His was very colorful but I didn't think to snap the picture until he was about half done.

He really likes to eat there on Wednesday nights, it is close to church, there is no waiting, the food is fresh, the fruit is good and the selection is always abundant.
We were back to church at 6:45pm for our souls to dine on a Spirit filled sermon.
So much appreciate that both our body and soul can be fed the same evening.

Diane called to report they were in New Mexico and had just had their second blowout on the trailer. Their first blowout was within 20 minutes of a tire store which made it easy to buy and replace the tire. The second one was in a desolate area, they now have no spare but we believe the good news is all of the tires that came with the trailer have now been replaced THIS YEAR! Hopefully they will be able to buy a tire BEFORE another problem.

Joan fixed the leak at the cabin by buying parts and replacing a hose. She told us she does it ALL the time in Haiti. Tim got all the round bales off the field and into the barn before the expected rain. THANKS JOAN and TIM!

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