Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Muddy Drive

Below is a picture taken this morning of cleaning up Chloe after our long walk in to the Middle Grove farm. She is just beautiful!

The walk was cut short this morning so some horses could be moved. We got a lot of rain and needed to get the mares off the cabin field so Mika and Bunni were moved in with the herd, Jenis and Ylse & Indy moved into the breeding shed paddock, Sanna in with Izadora, Rohan and Caden put in a stall while Velvet was hauled out to Middle Grove by Steven's monster truck.
Steven was temped to drive in and actually started but got to the first bad area and had to turn around. We led Velvet in the rest of the way. No horses were in sight which meant a hike, a LONG hike. We called, Velvet called and we walked, all the way to the far valley couldn't see any horses and started back. All of a sudden the thunder of many hooves galloping were heard. The horses came at a flat out run EXCEPT Ciera, Chloe, and Aragon. Sangria leading them all to the lake where they jumped in then thundered back towards the far valley.
We started to be concerned about the missing yearlings. My thought was all the lightning during the night what if those three were hit. Nope they were just napping in the far woods. Ciera was haltered and back we went again. We noticed Paris had a wound on her neck which made the decision whether or not to bring her easy. We were just loading up Ciera, Chloe and Paris when here comes John on his 4 wheeler. I think someone called him that there was a truck and horse trailer in the drive and he came to make sure no one was stealing any of the horses. Neighbors are GREAT. We made it back to the Hanna City farm and the girls were cleaned up and put in with the boys. They were all glad to see each other.
Ciera was cleaned up first and she is just so beautiful of course we needed to get some new pictures of her. She was also sticked at 15 hands. Amazing to think she is that tall at 17 months old.

She does not look like a yearling.
Chloe was also sticked and is 14.3 hands at 15 months.

Tomorrow Chloe will be brought to Bridlewood for a video then taken back out to the farm.

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