Friday, January 31, 2014

Water Water Everywhere

Emily put a load in the washer then went out to feed and when she came in the apartment was flooded. The front load washer was pouring water out into the kitchen. While we were up there wiping up Phil arrived with the girls so I was more than happy to leave Emily to the job. She actually had to put Killian in the stall overnight, he kept pulling the plug to the automatic waterer having fun watching it empty. This morning Emily put a metal plate over the plug so Killian could be put back out. The water tank we were going to use for one of the paddocks with the frozen waterer is solid ice full to the brim. May as well forget using that until spring. So we have water water everywhere and not a drop to drink in 4 of the paddocks rendering them unusable!
Taegan today was so funny, she saw the johnnyjump seat I had up for Israel yesterday and immediately wanted in. She entertained herself a long time swinging around emptying the garbage can which was just within reach and having her breakfast in that.
While Braelyn kept herself entertained with what else but horses. She has quite the imagination.
Emily came down to watch the girls and work on her homework while I ran to Sams for dog food and groceries. The snow was coming down fast and the roads were getting slick making the trip a lot longer than planned. When I got back Emily was showing the girls the puppies.

The snow just kept coming down so as soon as Anna picked up the girls Karin and Emily moved a round bale in for the mare paddock.
 Mark drove up right as they were finishing and had to wait a bit in the second drive. His van has snow tires on but even that wouldn't have made it up our drive today.
Studly, Karin's dog, saw me taking pictures and came running over to try for an invite to get out of the cold.
That wasn't going to happen as long as Emma has anything to say about it. She has made it very clear no dogs allowed in the house other than Darcy.
Emily left for home taking Mike's 4 wheel drive truck. She would not have made it without 4 wheel drive. She is going to leave Forrest Sunday right after church and drive straight to Middle Grove with the truck to put three more bales in before the next storm hits.
This evening Star was stalled. Tomorrow is her due date, she doesn't look like her udder is full enough to deliver but needs to be in out of the snow just in case. Sissy's stall was cleaned and water buckets filled as long as I was out there.
The buyer of the pup below asked to see a picture of him this evening, Rhoda was over making hot sandwiches for the singing at Rachel's studio and held him for the picture. He was obviously bored by the entire photo shoot.

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