Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lost Day

Saturday was a lost day around here, Friday night both Mark and my stomach started complaining and by morning we were fighting over the bathroom. What a horrible feeling. Afraid to walk away, nothing left in the stomach but it won't stop heaving. The dry mouth that begs for water but as soon as the water touches the stomach back up it comes.
When we weren't in the bathroom we were in bed groaning. We will be staying home from church today.
A couple of nice emails came in on Saturday but of course I didn't see them until today.
HI!!! Doing cow sorting with the girls at Brock's!!! check out the pictures:
Myrrhcedes is my greatest joy!! She pushes me to learn more & be better!!! She's curious and always wanting to learn something.

I just regret Jamie and Ralph didn't get any pictures of her sorting cows. They were too busy having a ball doing it. 
These Friesian crosses are good for about any discipline, even cow sorting as they try so hard to please. Myrrhcedes is by Raven out of Paris. 

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