Friday, January 10, 2014


The rain started in this morning drenching us with almost an inch of wet on top of frozen snow which created ice, lots of ice. The driveway up to the house is not passible even with 4 wheel drive, luckily the side one still is but only if one gets a good run at it. It took Sarah 4 tries this evening.
Our morning started with breakfast at mom's. Anna dropped off Braelyn and Taegan there so we could watch the birds feed.
 Below are a bunch of birds waiting their turn on the bushes just below the balcony.

Mom was putting the seed in her feeder but decided to just throw it on her balcony on top of the snow which invited 20-30 at a time. Diane convinced me to take the dog agility tunnel home for the girls to play with and did they ever have a ball with that. 

Diane and Mike left for Springfield for the weekend. Rhoda came over to help with the girls until she had to leave for work. Rhoda and Taunya found a condo for the Gulf Shores trip the first week of April and booked it. There is going to be a huge part of the family down there that week. 


  1. I "stole" a couple of your bird pictures. Hope you don't mind. . .

    1. Hi Ann, Feel free to take anything I post, pictures are to be shared.