Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Balmy 13

It was below zero again this morning, 5 below to be exact and the schools were still closed. Karin came down to the shop to help with the Berean letters and studies and wow did we need her help. The mail box was over flowing today. This was one of the big white boxes the post office lends to us when the mail won't fit in the post office box.
Well with Karin's help Eva Jean and I were able to get most of the studies processed but none of the letters. The letters alone fill an envelope box, you know the box that holds 500 envelopes. Yep that was also filled to overflowing. Do we dare leave that for Diane? We can't process them anyway, there are no Bibles left in the warehouse. They have been ordered just haven't been delivered. By the time we were heading for home it was a balmy 13 degrees.
Emma did well for the first time leaving her alone with her pups for hours. With Mastiff's it is always a worry that one will be squished if she would accidentally lay on one but Emma has been careful. I have people coming this weekend, next week and the week after to look at the puppies. I'm no longer sure of who wants what. The response to the craigslist ad was kind of shocking.
We had a good group at choir learning 3 new great songs.

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