Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blizzard of 2014

 As soon as the guys get the over a mile of driveways out here plowed the snow and wind cover them right back up. Below is Mark trying again to open the drives.
Even though the weather is crazy cold the kids out here still know how to have fun. Karin tacked up Ribbon and gave sleigh rides to anyone who wanted to brave the cold and blowing snow.
Below is Mark hiking back from the barn after consulting Mike on the snow moving equipment out here.
Mike let the horses out back while he was working on the automatic waterers preparing them for the extreme cold. He put some kind of wrapping around them to keep the cold out. The horses were so entertaining, they went galloping around kicking up the deep snow.
Ribbon was by far the funniest. She found one of Mark's brush piles, backed into it and started rubbing her rear end on the branches, as she was, her big head was nodding up and down. All the horses both here and Middle Grove have plenty of hay, a way to get out of the wind and most important somewhat warm water. We are praying they all survive we haven't had this kind of cold in decades according to the weather.
Rhoda and I made a big batch of chicken stir fry with warm apple pie for dessert. Mark was exhausted by all the shoveling and hit the sack just a little after 6:00 pm. The wind is slamming into the house with a  moaning sound trying to get in and somehow slithering through the walls of this old farm house.

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