Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another Cold Day

It was a big fat zero this morning on our thermostat. Oh well that is better than the last few mornings. We had our water heater worked on today and Emma hated the entire process. Her puppies were all placed in the bathtub and she was locked in the bathroom. She is a little too protective and scared the repair man. Not that she would have attacked him but he thought she might attack him. When Rhoda made it over we moved the puppies and Emma into the family room. Rhoda helped get new puppy pictures for the people waiting.
I'm only posting one here the rest were placed on the Horsemeister Facebook page and the website. This is all 9 pups.
Emily had a bad night, she caught the bug going around the houses, the vomiting bug. She had to skip her 8:00 am class but felt well enough to go to her later classes.
Karin arrived late afternoon to work a few mares before her vaulting students arrived. Check out the frozen breath coming out of Jenis' nostrils. I'm getting sick of the cold.
We have this lovely filly out of Sissy that would love to run and play outside. The paddock is ready for her but the waterer is frozen. Emily stopped at TSC and bought a heater for the water tank. We are going to go the old fashioned route so we can use the paddock.
Mark and I need to move a round bale in for Valiant and Anna before heading in for dinner.
Craig Stickling had the service tonight on Revelation 14

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  1. This was really one cold day for all of you. It’s disappointing that your thermostat dropped to zero, though it’s a good thing your water heater is working fine. Because in a weather like this, a nice warm bath is a nice treat for your body.

    Mark @