Monday, January 27, 2014

Sissy's Filly SOLD

A deposit check has been placed in the mail for Sissy's filly. She is now marked sold.
Anna didn't have to work meaning I didn't get to have the girls over, all schools were closed because of the brutal weather giving Rhoda, Emily, Sarah and Karin a great day to work on our fair decorations. Karin and I took a quick trip down to the state fairgrounds in Springfield, IL to measure the stall fronts while Emily and Rhoda stayed with the puppies. Karin called Andrew on the way home, gave him the dimensions and now 8 door banners are ordered. We stopped at Walmart in Springfield to buy the extra wide Gorilla tape and bought the only 2 rolls they had. When we arrived back Emily, Rhoda, Karin and I worked on putting together the stall panels finishing around 4:30 pm. While Sarah played with the puppies. Having this done will be so worth it when it comes time to decorate our 10 stalls at the fair. Dan arrived right during the job with 3 of his children and Diesel his puppy. For a while here this house was packed with 10 humans, 2 big dogs, 1 big puppy and 9 fat puppies. Speaking of puppies Rhoda helped me get a few updated pictures of these pups now 6 days old to place an ad on Craigslist.
 Have you ever seen anything so adorable?
The ad was posted then off we took for mom's for dinner. Karin, Emily and Sarah went right to the puzzle table to start working on the current puzzle while mom and I got dinner on the table. We had fork tender pot roast covered with sauteed mushrooms, surrounded by sweet cooked carrots, onion and potatoes all drenched in the well seasoned drippings. That along with a fresh green salad with all the fixins, crescent rolls, butter and honey rounded out the meal.
 Right after dinner it was back to the puzzle. They finished this one in just one afternoon. Karin ordered a couple more on the internet last night. Mom had no more puzzles in the house so the girls decided to head over to Sauders to play Carbols. Two calls came in for puppies tonight, one person wants a male the other wants a brindle female. No money yet but that is 3 spoken for 6 to go.
All the schools are closed again tomorrow so maybe I can get someone to come down to help with the Bible study program. We are short Diane, today is her birthday and she and Mike are on a cruise. What a great time to go to the Caribbean!

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