Monday, January 20, 2014

Long Day Waiting

Last night was not at all restful with Emma needing to go outside every 3 hours then Sissy delivering at 4:15 am. Well Emma started her first stage of labor. Silly us thinking she was just going to start popping puppies out. Nope this first stage can last up to 24 hours. It is very obvious she is in first stage, she is panting hard, then shivering then back to panting. She is uncomfortable and lets us know.
Braelyn and Taegan were here today watching too for puppies. The one interesting thing we saw was as Emma was laying down like this we could see the puppies moving and actually poking her skin up in places. I think Emma is waiting until everything settles down around here.
Dacry was so glad to have Rhoda home.

Karin and Emily worked horses this morning then Emily finished foal proofing the short shelter paddock. Lunch was left overs from Sunday's dinner. The weather is suppose to turn bad so Rhoda and Emily took off for Middle Grove to pick up Killian and Ella. Those were the last 2 horses we needed for the Friesian practice on Friday.
Sissy's filly is doing very well. She is already driving her mom crazy by coming up for kisses from everyone that comes to see her. She is such a friendly filly, nice to know Valiant throws that sweet friendly disposition just like his dad did.
Amy Koch came over this evening to visit Emma a bit and see the new filly. Of course I put her to work, she helped fill the golf cart batteries with distilled water so it could be charged up. I"m heading to bed now in hopes I can get some sleep before the puppies come. At least I HOPE the puppies come!

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