Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Emily pulled Valiant out right after breakfast before the farm got too busy. He has such a willing attitude.
He cantered so well today, going into it with just a slight squeeze and a kissing sound.
Diane came over with her grand children to see Lola's colt when they saw Emily riding Diane's grand daughter Ella wanted to come see Valiant. She was pretty pleased to pose with him.
Rhonda brought over a few of her grand children to see the new colt and Emily's cows.
Emily showed them how to scratch Goldie's belly button to make her relax.
Lola's previous owner was due to come late morning, Emily and I gave her a quick bath before moving her into the barn. The colt needed a bit of scrubbing under his tail from the sticky stain of meconium,
They arrived with a carload of people during vaulting. We walked through the indoor arena barn into the stall barn through what seemed like hundreds of little kids. One of the older ladies that came for the visit remarked, "I've never seen so many little kids in one spot." She was informed that most of them were family. 
Lola's previous owner was very impressed with what she produced. Lots of pictures and videos were taken of this beautiful boy and his mama. After they left I drove the golf cart over to Diane's where a bunch of the family had gathered to swim. Charlie, Jacob and Andi's new baby was hanging out with his Aunts.
Kate, Tara and Jay's baby was also enjoying the afternoon. Check out those blue eyes! 
They are both Spark and Rhonda's grand children. Below are a few pictures of the swimmers at Diane's.

Rachel informed me her field yielded 27 round bales. Emily, Julie Watson, Lucas Watson and Becca Watson all climbed on the golf cart with me to go check out the bales. They are really nice, she will have more than enough to feed her horses this year by just this first cutting. We stopped at Rachel's house for Emily, Becca and  Lucas to use the rope swing.

Above is Becca Watson below is Lucas Watson

 They had fun flying through the air and splashing into the water. We left at 5:20pm  and stopped at HiVe for dinner before church. It was a good ending to a beautiful day.

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