Monday, June 17, 2013

Sold and Sold

 Karin came over for breakfast before her funday Monday started. After breakfast she worked with Bethany and Hannah. Hannah is now mounting by herself at the canter. Bethany is the check person for her below but told us she was just there incase Hannah needed help.

 Poor Hannah, a chunk of sand from the arena flew into her eye but she still finished with a smile!
 I had to run to the bank to deposit a check then drop off a check of $1425.00 for 25 round bales from our neighbor. By the time I made it back Anna and her girls were here then Ben and Taunya and their 3 children arrived to join in the funday Monday heading over to Rachel's for swimming and lunch. Below is Addyson jumping off the diving board.
She knows how to close her eyes tight.
Jack was ready to jump next.

He was pretty proud of himself after that jump.
Braelyn had to join in the jumping fun.

Ben took Addyson over to Mark's pond on the golf cart, then into the boat for a nice quiet boat ride.

Four day old Jace spent most of the morning getting his pictures taken by great Aunt Rachel, then most of the afternoon asleep in his mother's arms.

The man coming to see Hadassah and her colt called, he was lost in Peoria. I ended up driving into Peoria to have him follow me back to the farm. He was very pleased with Hadassah and put a deposit down on her and her colt. Once she is confirmed in foal he will pay her off and pick her up. It was worth the drive to Middle Grove to pick them up. The trail riders arrived home reporting Indy did fantastic! Ayanna was also very good although Indy was more willing to lead than Ayanna. Below Rhoda is leading them back to the paddock to put them away.
They are so impressive for such young horses. Ayanna just turned 3 and Indy won't be three until July.
Rhoda and Emily took Darcy and Emma over to Diane's pond to cool off after working most of the day.

Darcy played and played, she is going to be very sore tomorrow. This huge spider was sitting on the retaining wall at Diane's. 
I asked Rhoda to put her hand next to it, just to show exactly how huge this arachnid really is.
 After a quick dinner Emily got on one tractor while Mike got on another and mowed Evan's paddock. Mark  got my fancy new manure spreader out for a trial run. He ran the skid steer loading it while Emily drove the tractor pulling the spreader. It works really well, chopping up the manure finely and really throwing it around.
 When we finally came in for the night there is an email from Cynthia. She would like to buy Olivia and will come on Friday to pay for her. She also sent this picture.
We are very pleased with the home she is going to, lots of good green pastures, a loving companion and a loving owner that will give her lots of attention. She was marked sold.

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