Friday, June 7, 2013

Eliza In

Well today I blew it, I was suppose to watch Braelyn and Taegan, told Anna I would be there by 8:30am and forgot. Hopefully this will never happen again, Rhoda set my phone up for alarms to ring. I really felt bad about forgetting but it all worked out in the end. We had a very busy day here. Emily helped Mike sharpen the mowing blades on the Kubota then mowed acres and acres. As soon as she was done with that she started spraying for weeds.
She was still spraying when Karin arrived to start training mares. Karin is an instructor at Rainbow Riders in Monmouth, IL and they need to borrow a horse for the summer. She thinks Marika will work out well for them but wanted to do some training on her first.
When she finished she decided to haul her on Tuesday. If she works out well they can keep her for the summer and we will breed her late fall. She was very pleased with her today. Next she brought out Missy and Cookie. Cookie did very well, Missy took a bit longer. She doesn't like to be caught, she is smart and knows she is going to have to work. The color is not true in the picture below she is black with white hair throughout her whole body. Missy is almost considered a blue roan.
Steven arrived to help tease Eliza and when she showed helped us with Valiant. Valiant still gets too anxious to work and needs a strong hand. It took Emily, Steven and I to make him behave but by the time we were done he walked up quietly to Eliza and mounted when asked. We will need to reinforce this tomorrow. Rhoda arrived to train Ayanna.
She had to use the indoor arena at first as Karin had Sally working at one end of the outdoor and Emily was working Paris at the other end. Ayanna was asked to bow with no lead rope and willingly goes right down.
Below Paris is following Emily around with no lead rope.
Karin is asking Sally for the lay down and Sally goes quietly down.
She had Emily take Sally back to the cabin field and did just a little trick training with Paris asking for the bow and lay down.
Rhoda brought Ayanna out while Karin was trick training Paris for some canter work in the outdoor.
When she was done she asked her to bow and lay down. That is Ayanna's favorite trick.
By this time it was after lunch and the girls decided to ride the walkers to Hanna City for an ice cream cone at Hannah's Parlor. That is an 8 mile round trip. Mark arrived home as they were coming up the drive. I mentioned, "the Walkers are here I want to go out and get pictures." Mark was quick to tell me those are riders not walkers. Karin took Sally back to the cabin field but Bethany, who was riding Missy and Emily who was riding Cookie posed for a few pictures before hosing them off.
They looked so good after their bath I asked the girls to stand in the door for a couple more pictures.
 These are just wonderful mares.
We had left overs for dinner then Mark went out to work on the new drive way. Now I need to get off the computer and cleaned up for VBS.

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