Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anniversary Gift

The biting flies are out in force. This morning while filling the cow's water tanks I notice they were being plagued by them. As soon as Emily was aware of them she took the fly spray out to spray them down. Her cow Goldie is use to this and stood very well.
Her cow Kenna was a different story. Emily told me she has to run along side spraying the bottle to get any one her and that's exactly how she did it. Rachel noticed that Emily's hair matches her cows.
We have to string 3 hoses together to reach the cow pasture and where the hoses are connected water leaks out making a damp spot. This beautiful butterfly obviously needed moisture and landed to drink.
Today was our 36th year anniversary and the gift Mark sent was a beautiful bright shiny brand new manure spreader. I was telling the man that brought it out what a wonderful present this was, his response, "I don't know what to think about that!"
The skid steer was needed to help get it off the truck, once it was hooked up I just parked it out of the way.

Karin arrived to train the walkers before the vaulters showed up. Below she is working with Sally while Missy looks on waiting her turn.
Karin always ends her training with asking the horse to lay down.  Below is Sally first then Missy.

 Crystal Baker arrived with some of the vaulters and had to admire the new spreader. She is a true barn lady, forget the diamonds give us useful equipment! Karin started the vaulting practice in the outdoor arena with Ribbon doing canter work. While she was warming her up, Rebekah warmed up the kids.

They have a good group of kids.

As each child finished the canter they would go to the indoor arena where Rebekah had the vaulting barrel set up to practice for their next performance. Diane used her golf cart to shuttle people around.
 While Becca's grandparents used my golf cart to go back and forth between the arenas.
The temperatures hit 90 early so no horses could be worked in the afternoon. The pond felt great and a huge group of kids ended up over at Diane's to cool off for the afternoon. I had to work so missed that.
Eliza was teased and she is now out. She and her colt were moved into the middle paddock joining Jenis, Zalena, and Ribbon. That paddock has lots of shade and shade is very important for black horses.
Craig Stickling spoke at church tonight.

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