Monday, June 10, 2013

Cement, We Have Cement

Lone Wolf Concrete workers showed up while we were on our walk and got right to work scraping and staking it out.
This is something I am thrilled about, it will really  help keep the mud off of the floors. It rained in the morning but cleared up very nicely in time for Karin's funday Monday. She worked with Emily on Ribbon first.
 Teaching her the stand at a walk. Emily reported it is a LOT harder than the girls make it look.
Dr. Hoerr arrived for ultrasounds when Karin was working with Anni, Bethany and Faith but I still got a few pictures in of those girls.
 In order to see exactly how far off the ground this girl is check out the picture below:
 Ribbon is easily 17 hands tall.
Dr. Hoerr had a helper today, Mary Wagonbach from Tremont. We put her to work holding Lexi the first mare to be sonagrammed.
We are thrilled to report Lexi is pregnant by Evan. Her owner is also thrilled. The next picture is Dr. Hoerr's usual pose, with his entire arm buried in horse flesh. In the picture below he is sonagramming Zalena and has just pronounced her pregnant!
Sarah, Rhoda, and Emily took Jenis, Ayanna and Indy on the death trails. We are so thrilled with the 3 year olds, Ayanna and Indy. Both mares were excellent.
Mike asked Emily to give his company trail rides. She took out 2 different groups. The first was the old lady group with Joanie on Sally and Diane on Cookie.
Once they were back she took Joanie's girls out.

I had to take a picture of the concrete guys working in front of the garage. They finished this afternoon.
The mowing needed to be done and Emily started on that but had to quit about half way through to help get Eliza covered by Valiant, then get Evan worked. Evan was really good today. She walk, trot, and cantered him in both directions

While she was working him Monet arrived. Monet is a beautiful half Friesian mare here to breed to Evan. She was ultrasounded before her long trip up here from Kentucky and was at a 42 mm in the morning. We pretty much took her off the trailer and got her covered.  Dr. Hoerr will come back tomorrow when he is able to sonagram her to see if she ovulated. If not he will collect Evan and AI Monet. The owner Diane, Her husband and her daughter are spending the night in the apartment. Emily has moved over to the farm house. 
After dinner we finished electrifying Valiant's paddock working until daylight faded. Mike took out a group of 5 horses on an evening ride finishing up in the lighted outdoor arena. It was a long productive day!

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