Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sr. High Girls Camp

Nate Herman of Herman Pond Management delivered a load of fish this morning for Mark's pond.
These were good size blue gill, some ready to spawn.
Below Nate has just dumped a bucket load into the pond while he is explaining to Mark what this pond should be able to produce. It always helps to learn from the expert.
Emily started working the stallions early this morning. She needed to we needed to haul horses to Norris for the Sr. High Girls camp at 11:15am.
The first boy out was Killian.
 She asked him to walk and trot under saddle, then asked him to bow and lay down before hosing off.
The next stallion worked with was Evan. He was very well behaved. 
The rain started pouring down so she had to finish him in the indoor arena. 
She worked on leg yields under saddle.
By the time Valiant was brought out we didn't have a lot of time left and the rain just kept coming so it was all indoor work.
 Below Emily is riding Valiant while her sister Laura is sitting on the vaulting barrel.
Rhoda arrived to help load the mares up. We took Sally, Jenis, Cookie and Missy for this camp.
 This part of camp was held in Norris, IL at the Herman Lake in the Sky
 Below is one of our trail guides Emily on Jenis.
There are lots of different kinds of boats at this lake.
 heading out on the trails, Emily guiding this group.
 some campers on the water slide and one camper had just jumped off the double decker deck.
 one of the many games of volley ball.
 Check out the girl on the rope swing in the picture below. 
 A very happy horse back rider.

Rhoda took her turn as trail guide.

Sarah Reinhard also helped out taking out many groups. 
 There was always a line up of people waiting to ride but we were able to fit Noah in for one ride on Cookie.

 By the time we made it home these horses were exhausted. Below Rhoda and Laura are taking Cookie, Missy and Sally over to the cabin field.
Jenis needed to be covered and Rhoda helped out with that bringing Evan over and handling him. I'm so thankful for the wonderful help all day today. Rhoda and Sarah decided to make kabobs for dinner.
Mark grilled them and they hit the spot! After dinner Mark helped move a round bale in for the cows and worked a bit on his pond. It is pouring down rain again, I'm so glad the hay didn't get cut.

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