Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Bust

Rhoda and I had plans to drive to Bradford, IL where a barn garage sale was suppose to open at 8:00am and in the ad was the sentence, all must go. Listed was a lot of tack. I picked her up as she is house sitting out that way, we arrived at 7:50am. There were already customers coming out but no one had anything in their hands. When we walked in we saw why. The prices were WAY out of line. Used halters were listed at $10.00 each and the saddles were very expensive, so much so that asking if they would negotiate couldn't bring the price low enough. We did ask on one saddle but the owner wasn't really willing to negotiate. Obviously all didn't have to go, we didn't see anyone buy anything. By the time I arrived home Mark and John were out working on the dam installing an 8 inch siphoning system for the pond. They worked all morning and finished the installation.
Beth and Jackie came in to visit while the guys were out working. Beth is John's wife and Jackie their daughter. Instead of visiting they got right to work and helped get the house cleaned up in time for lunch. It started pouring down rain right after lunch.
When the rain stopped the mares were turned loose in the field. They all went running to the back of the pond which drove Evan crazy. He so wanted to be with them.
He was running back and forth then would stand like a stature staring at them.
Below are a few pictures of the 3 foals starting with Lola's flashy colt by Valiant.
 Followed by Eliza's colt by Raven
 and Ribbon's filly by Raven.
Eliza's colt was such a tease, he went from horse to horse irritating them then running. He ran up to Ribbon's filly and nipped her on the neck.
 When she reacted he acted like he was such a big bad stud.
 He ran over to Oksana and jumped on her neck. They are not hugging below, he is teasing his sister by slamming his neck up on hers. Oksana is so gentle with him she doesn't react at all.
 Then he ran over and tried the same thing with Ribbon's filly. She didn't stand for it like Oksana.
He is a typical boy, just can't quit teasing the girls. He would have teased Lola's colt but she wouldn't let him any where near him. Lola kept him separate from the other horses.
 He would just stand there and stare at the silly antics of the other 2. It won't take long before he joins in.
We have 3 foals here, 3 foals at Middle Grove with 7 mares still to foal. Mytross is due any day, Clair, Jewel and Cor are due in August then Sangria, Bunni and Sally are all due around the middle of September.

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