Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vet Appointment

After the walk it was time for laundry and painting in that order. The machines were started then down to the house to paint, back up to the apartment to change the machines and back down to paint went the morning. This afternoon Ciera needed to be hauled to the vet to get her blood drawn for a new coggins test. If I was a detail person, I would have realized her coggins ran out and had it drawn when she was at Hoerr Vet clinic last week. By the time we made it back to the farm Karin was here training mares. Ciera was just taken out in the field and left loose for when it was her turn. It gave her time to graze on the lush springlike green grass coming up so well in the big field. We had rain again last night, not a lot but enough to give the fields a nice drink. Paris was teased and covered by Evan, no sign of her going out. Evan was very well behaved, waited for me to give him the signal that he could jump. All the training Steven did yesterday on both boys really paid off. Bunni was hauled out for teasing, she was still in but not as strong as the last few days. Valiant covered her, she will be tested tomorrow, if in, covered then hauled out to Middle Grove along with Sally before we need to load up and leave for Branson. Mark and I are heading down to Branson, MO tomorrow afternoon for the pond boss conference. We will be gone until Saturday night. Karin is handling getting the ponies at the Old School Center on Friday for the Spoon River Drive. Rhoda will be staying here to take care of her dogs. Alicia Cooksey sent through a text that Avalon settled and is expecting! Avalon is a Raven daughter they brought over to breed to Evan. Below is Avalon and below that Evan, check out how beautiful they are, can this baby help but be gorgeous!
The Moser's sent an email that Airiah settled and is expecting her second Raven baby. Congratulations to both sets of owners.

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