Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Spoon River Drive Day 1

The car was covered in a thick frost this morning and no scraper to be found. The next best thing is a pie spatula which worked enough for a few holes to see out of until the heater cranked on enough to start the melting. We were to start the pony rides by 9:00am so I arrived at 8:00am to feed and water Ella and Paris the 2 ponies we are using this weekend. Karin had a couple of helpers show up early enough to groom and help tack up and before we knew it the lines started.
John Honegger had to come check out the pony rides, he was probably really there to check out the food.
The food this year is really really good. Dan bought catfish bites and gave us each a taste. Now I detest catfish and would never taste it willingly but this was delicious. I thought it must be walleye or some other good tasting fish. When I found out it was catfish I could hardly believe it. It was was so good I bought my own portion for dinner just to make sure it really was as good as my taste buds remembered. Yep it really was! All you fish lovers and especially all you catfish lovers drive out to the Old School Center tomorrow and plunk down a mere $6.00 for a good sized portion of catfish bites and fries. That vendor had lots of delicious items on the menu. It really is worth the drive out. The vendors at the Old School Center are all hand made items, some are very unique. There is lots to see, many indoor booths and best of all indoor bathrooms. Time for more pictures of ponies and their riders.
I took a lunch break, ran back to Hanna City and got Jenis covered by Evan. It just didn't seem to matter how many layers of clothing we were wearing the wind just bit right to the bone. Dan took pity on us poor working stiffs, that is stiff from the cold, and built us a fire in his new fire pit.
We huddled around as close as possible when ever we had a chance. Of course we all stink like wood smoke. This made the day bearable and dare I saw even enjoyable. The ponies got quite a work out. This is what they looked like at the end of the day, even too tired to graze.
We made a little over $224.00. Mark counted the bills, I was just too tired to count the change. There was still things that must be done here before the hot much anticipated shower. Bunni was covered by Valiant, Sally was covered by Evan. Ciera and Holly were moved into the middle paddock, they knocked down the entire front fence. Tomorrow the pony rides start at 1:00pm.

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