Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not a Lazy Tuesday

One just can't have 2 lazy days in a row, too much to do and too little time. We had to leave for lunch early at work today as Eva Jean had an appointment at 12:30pm. We still got done what had to be done. We weren't able to do any of the extra work that will have to be done later this week. The bank was visited where the dollars from the pony rides at the Old School Center was deposited. $364.59 was the grand total for the 2 days. That's a lot of ponyrides at $2.00 a ride. Walmart was next on the list, I hate to shop and this was not a fun trip. Trying to find shelving for the bathroom and laundry room for the farm house took way too long and I didn't find anything suitable. Why anyone would choose to do this is beyond me. I finally arrived home in time to start teasing mares. Jenis is now out, Sally is now out. Steven Marchal arrived to help get Bunni covered by Valiant and Paris covered by Evan. He spent some time training the boys to stand quietly until they are allowed to mount. Below is Valiant standing by a heavily in season Bunni.
We were pleased he listened. We didn't bother teasing Holly. Steven saddled up the boys and worked them in the field while Karin worked the mares in the outdoor arena. Valiant was first. He was so good standing quietly watching Karin work Ciera.
Below is Valiant working in the field.
Below is Karin working with Ciera.
Karin had Ciera quietly walking over the tarp.
Karin brought Ylse out about the time Steven brought Evan out. Below is Evan watching Karin work Ylse.
Ylse is just so beautiful
Evan was a bit of a pill today but he did mind Steven and did end up on a good note.
Mark came home early from work, early enough to go over to the farm house, measure what we needed and come back to research on the internet what should fit in the laundry room and bathroom. Why did I even bother with Walmart. Mark found and ordered the perfect item for the laundry room, an ironing board with storage underneath. We are going with shelves in the bathroom. Choir tonight was a lot of fun. Great fellowship, beautiful music and good food!

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