Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunny But Cold

The hard frost of the morning took quite a while to melt today. It just didn't warm up until afternoon. The farm house kitchen had to be given 2 coats of paint. Mom came over to check out the first coat and talked me into painting the second coat. Dr. Hoerr arrived to check Jenis over. He did an ultrasound to make sure she was really in season, then took a culture of her uterus, finishing with infusing her uterus with antibiotic. If the culture is clean we won't need the next step. We will know if a few days if it grows anything. Steven Marchal and Karin Meister showed up to work horses just as the second coat of paint was started. Not that it was rushed or anything but I wanted to finish up in time to watch the trainers work their magic. Steven started in the indoor arena with Jenis, giving Emily a lesson on her while Karin took Eliza to the outdoor.
Steven worked with Evan next, below he is asking for a leg yield. Check out the extreme crossing of the back legs.
Evan has attitude, Steven would love to send him to an upper level dressage trainer. He feels this boy could just about go all the way.
Karin brought Jenis to the outdoor arena next for some bending training.
Steven worked Valiant last taking him out to watch as Karin worked Ciera.
Ciera did very well for Karin today. The trainer who didn't show up today was Rhoda, when the pictures were downloaded from today there was a picture of her from last night after the wedding and before she left for the volley ball game. She was almost too tired to eat dinner.
The games started at 8:00pm and even though team Meister was exhausted from the big day congratulations were in order, the girls won all three games.

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