Wednesday, October 3, 2012

12 Is OK

We only got 12 round bales off the 17 acres for our third cutting but they are perfect, big dry but green and full of nutrition, that might last us a month if we could just get some of these mares bred and moved to Middle Grove. I now have 99 round bales in the barn. What a morning, the golf cart tire had numerous leaks, after patching 5 my arms just weren't strong enough to do another. The last driver must have run right over a thorn bush when he was taking Ben and Jack for a ride over the fields. There are broken off thorns in the tire. Dan showed up to work on the electrical part of the golf cart. He figured out the problem and got the parts ordered. While he was working on that the foals escaped, one at a time until they were all 4 together thundering around the yard having a good time while the 4 mares were all in a tither. Jewel was pulled out, her filly came running to her and immediately started nursing, Sangria's colt wasn't about to be left out, pushed his way in and started nursing too. What shocked me is Jewel not only put up with it, it was almost like she expected to be the nanny with the other 3 mares still locked up. Once the foals were put away a board needed to be added to keep them from escaping again. Next on the job list was to drive to Hanna City and buy diesel fuel for the skid steer so the rest of the bales could be brought in and stacked. That job was done around noon, just in time to load Ciera up and haul her in to Hoerr Vet clinic for her ultrasound. I had to wait over an hour so took the camera out for some fun shots. Below is Ciera in the stocks at Dr. Hoerr's and below that her eye reflecting the door.
Three shots were picked up to short cycle Bunni, Sally and Holly. By the time I arrived home Karin was working Holly so we teased her and when she didn't show gave her the shot. I was apprehensive of sticking her with a needle but she stood very well, didn't react at all. Bunni and Sally were pulled out next, neither were showing so both of them also got a shot to short cycle. Bunni broke out in a sweat, the other 2 didn't. Hope that means she will come in soon. While Karin went back to work with training, Sangria was pulled out and covered by Valiant then Jenis covered by Evan. When Karin brought Jewel out, I had to get a few shots of her filly.
Dinner tonight was a spinach cheese casserole with avocado on the side and perfectly ripened pears for dessert. Spark and Rhonda picked us up for church. The colors on the trees on the way in were just beautiful and then to top that we saw the rainbow:
We had a visitor from Gridly, IL speaking on how we are more than conquerors. There was an email from Kim who had 2 Raven babies this year, a colt named Sully and a filly named Sammi. She sent the pictures below:
Above is Sammi below is Sully.
Thanks Kim, they look amazing and Sully is HUGE!

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