Thursday, October 11, 2012

Long Drive

Early this morning just as the day was light enough to see, Mark helped move a new round bale into the middle paddock and one into the boy's paddock. Right after the walk, Bunni was teased and obviously out. She and Sally were loaded up and driven to Middle Grove. Below is a picture of the 20 horses now out there.
On the long driveway back just to the left of the truck and trailer were a flock of turkeys running up the alfalfa field and getting ready to cross the road. They weren't very co-operative as far as posing.
Once home Ciera and Holly were moved into the middle paddock to keep Bonnie company. Paris and Ella were moved into Ciera's paddock opening up the breeding shed for Jenis and Eliza along with the 2 fillies. They all now have plenty of hay for the next few days. Mark came home around noon, checked the oil and tires on the car for the long trip to Branson, MO. We left at 12:30pm and made it here at 7:30pm. Steven sent through a text that Paris was successfully covered by Evan and Evan bucked for the first time under saddle. Bad Boy! He didn't get any where by that, he just had to work a bit longer. Later Philip sent a text that the internet is now working at the farm. Thank Goodness, we will need to figure out how to protect it from the next lightning strike. The drive of 7 hours went well. We checked into our very nice Yellow Rose Inn & Suites, then headed to Dana's for a take out dinner. Mark wanted to bring it back to the room so he could watch the debate.

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