Monday, October 15, 2012

Hard Labor

I was sentenced to hard labor today by myself. Each time it just seemed too difficult to accomplished the 2 rooms I set out to clean I would call myself a wimp, give myself a stern talking to and go on with the scrubbing and cleaning of the construction mess on the farm house. These 2 rooms were finished after close to 8 hours of scrubbing. The worst part was the 5 hours crawling along, first on all fours then on the belly peeling the plastic wrap protector up from the floor. Finally finished and had to find a way to make these stiff unlimber limbs assist me in arising. When one has a hip replacement, things just don't bend the way they use to, it took crawling into the kitchen to find a chair so I could pull myself upright. It's tough growing old. By 4:00pm it was time to start dinner. Shrimp and chicken stir fry was on the menu which meant standing to chop vegetables. Karin arrived to work the mares but headed to Rachel's for dinner when done. Mom came over and joined us for dinner. After dinner Mark moved a bale in for the mares. They were turned out back all day and came running when they saw the skid steer bringing in the bale.

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