Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Dumb Can Emma Be?

Emma is not known for her brains, or her beauty, not even her ability to keep an eye on the bad guys around here. She sees bad guys all over and has to be convinced none of them are out to get her. Yesterday the round bale feeder was up on end and the wind rolling it first forward then back before knocking it to the ground. Emma was sure that big green rolling thing was a big green monster out to attack. Today Emma was walking out back, sees the saddle Karin left on the arena fence and the big scary blue tarp hanging over the gate gently undulating in the soft breeze and goes ballistic. She is sure the big green monster turned into a blue monster and may be heading our way. We didn't raise her to be afraid, we didn't even want to raise her to be a watch dog. Our problem is she takes her job very seriously and there are no bad guys in the area so her small little mind must make them up. Could there be a lesson in this for us? Are our minds so small that we must make up scary monsters such as politics, the economy, business or religion? Sure glad I don't have to worry about any of that, my Father cares when a sparrow falls, He will surely care for me either in this world or the next. Yesterday at lunch we were talking about when bad things happen to good people and how some people can lose their faith because of this. Spark brought up a great point when he asked, were you vaccinated against polio? Did it hurt when this was done? Do you know the purpose of the vaccine was for your greater good? We don't know the future other than God wins so lets all be on the right side. I am speaking to myself first. Let's not tear each other down, or speak badly of His church. After-all the church is His Son, Jesus Christ's, bride.

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