Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sauder Costume Party

Today was the annual Sauder costume party. We all worked most of the day on our costumes...that may not be true for some of us. Our day started early, Mark installed all of the grips and towel bars in the farmhouse bathrooms plus one here in the apartment. We are now all ready to have more joints replaced if needed. This house is SO set up for us old handicapped. Stacy came over from the cabin to spend some time with Ciera. She took her to the outdoor arena for some instructions. She is asking her to move sideways below.
We were pretty impressed with how quickly Stacy had Ciera lunging and stepping sideways.
Yesterday Stacy worked on getting Ciera to lower her high head. Today she had this result very quickly.
Diane invited us over for coffee and cookies for a late morning snack. Right after lunch Rhoda and Karin worked a bit with Stacy riding Ciera.
After working with her we all decided the hematoma must come out. It is obviously bothering her. We have a vet appointment for Monday and will discuss this with Dr. Hoerr then. Rhoda showed Stacy how to teach Ceira to bow and lay down to end her session.
Rhoda gave Stacy a lesson on Ylse so she could feel the huge trot a Friesian has and learn to post it.
Mike showed up to take Ylse, Zalena and Holly out to Middle Grove, once they were loaded we headed in to get ready for the party. Below are a few pictures, if you want to see the rest please visit one of our facebook pages. or
This has been a really fun long day and we are so ready to hit the sack. Good night all!

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