Friday, October 12, 2012

Pond Boss Conference

Our hotel room was really quiet, so quiet we missed the dog's snoring. We awoke to pouring down rain with the sound of grumbling thunder. The breakfast here was really nice but Mark was sure that the conference also served breakfast so we limited ourselves to just a taste and coffee. We went the back way to Cedar Creek Lodge where the Pond Boss conference was held and that was quite an experience. Missouri has very different roads than Illinois, here they wind round and round and up and down no fun in the pouring down rain. Before we could get to the lodge we had to cross 2 pretty deep spring crossings.
Both crossings were even labeled, spring crossing with the amount of run off from the downpour both crossings were almost up to the bottom of our door.
Breakfast at the lodge was really good, we shouldn't have even tasted the hotel offering. This breakfast had thick cut deliciously cooked bacon, eggs, sausage, lots of muffins, croissants, danishes and a huge bowl of fresh fruit that included strawberries, honeydew melon, grapes, cantaloup and pineapple, best of all 4 different kinds of coffee all good and strong. The speakers started at 8:30 and believe it or not Mark and I sat through and listened until lunch break. Mark really felt he learned a lot by coming. Nathan and Justin are here, Herman Brother's pond management got lots of publicity. Their names were brought up time and time again. Lunch was called a walking talking lunch. They put an apron on each person and in the pockets were a sandwich, chips, brownie and an apple. Below is Mark modeling his lunch.
We got to keep the aprons. After lunch were more speakers, we sat through them but I will confess to getting the kindle out and reading 3 books. Have I ever mentioned how much I like that thing? The afternoon session finished before 5:00pm, we were told to be back at the lodge between 6:00pm and 7:30pm when they would shuttle us to a brand new golf course lodge for dinner. We chose not to go to that, the drinking was suppose to start at 6:00pm with dinner starting around 7:45pm. We tried something for dinner we have never tried before. We ate at Shoguns and were pleasantly surprised. The cooking show was entertaining and the stir fried vegetables just as good or better than mine. Below the chef is cooking our food.
The resturant was just blocks away from our hotel. We were glad to get back. We have free internet here and there was a neat email from Sue the owner of a Raven daughter named Piper, a 3 year old purebred Friesian filly. Hi Judy, The picture enclosed is me on piper for the fist time! She has been at the trainer for a month now and coming along. I was told she is lazy and riding her today I see that she kinda is. I will take this as a good sign for me as I don't have to worry about her getting crazy and dumping me. He did say as I ride her and she understands more that she would work out of most of that but she would always be very laid back. Guess time will tell and also riding with another horse showing her the ropes will help. It was a thrill to be up on her and I look forward to the many years together. Thank you for the opportunity to own one of these special horses. Sue
Thanks so much for the update Sue, how wonderful that you are now riding her after waiting 3 years.

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