Saturday, April 2, 2011

Website Down

This morning the website was going to be updated but not only was that job not accomplished the entire website vanished off the internet. I was trying to follow Philip's instructions and may have erased the entire website content off. Amateurs really shouldn't be turned loose with important things! I've emailed the expert (Philip) but think he is in some kind of marathon today.
Since I've done enough damage here at home, I'm heading out to the farm where most of the time I don't wreck things, just fix them.
8:00am: At the farm Sanna was standing, thank goodness, I was worried she would be down and without help there was no way to get her up. Her hay was almost all gone but she did not clean up her grain meaning she got little or no bute. That was dumped and this time I tried mixing it with her grain and a bit of cracked corn but no luck, there is no way she is going to eat it willingly so 2 grams of the powder was mixed with water in a syringe and administered by mouth like a worming. She was also given her 40 cc's of sulpha by mouth. Her grain was taken out to give Raven but he wouldn't eat it either. So even though it is sweetened and presented as a top dressing for grain don't think you can use it that way.
Her bandage will be changed later after we come back from the Bridlewood fund raiser scheduled today from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
Wynne and Dalia are still not showing any signs of coming in.

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