Friday, April 8, 2011

Tyden & Shaeya

Today was Shaeya's lucky day. Tyden her brother got to come along for the ride and also enjoyed the day but not like Shaeya. Now Shaeya is not my grand daughter, she is Beth's grand daughter but really should belong to ME. Shaeya is a TRUE horse lover. She is going to be a horse trainer, cowgirl, owner and anything else there is to do with horses. Karin and Rebekah with Shaeya and Tyden's help brought in Bunni and Sally, tacked them up and rode double on a nice long trail ride riding all the way to Rebekah's house. Karin told how when they arrived back at the barn Shaeya brought the mares into the stalls, helped untack them, grained them, and groomed them. Tyden was more impressed with the change in Karen's car, her car ash tray is stuffed full of change. Tyden told Karin that they would come work for her every Saturday at the barn, then she could pay him out of all the money she has in her car. It was a great day for a ride and the mares were well behaved. These 2 mares were not bred back as they, along with Paris are in such demand as riding horses.
Karin has put out an email about horse camping at Wolf Creek State Park and the response coming back is YES a lot of the family wants to come. We are planning on the last weekend in July. This is at Lake Shelbyville and Dan will bring a boat for wake boarding.
Last year we camped at a horse campground in Farmington, IA. We took 10 horses and later realized that of the 10 horses that got to come represented 10 different breeds. Below is the video of that trip.

This year we will be missing quite of few of our regulars. Duke is sold, Sangria and Wynne will have a foal by their side so won't go.

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