Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Mom had a fall on our walk yesterday a hard fall, so hard the thud was audible from a distance. She said she was fine, just landed on her side and face. Her lip was cut and bleeding but she finished the walk and said she was fine.
So her ribs are sore this morning but she was the first again to be ready for the walk. When Mike walked up he told her she needed to take up skateboarding as anyone that can fall that hard and is ok would be a great skateboarder. Mom quickly replies, "No, I tried that once, went down a hill and fell and decided that wasn't for me." Now I can just see my 79 year old mother flying down the hills on a skateboard. Any other old lady we may question their sanity but mom is up to try anything. She is an amazing women.
There were no dead animals found on the walk today, Heidi and Ebby must have quit patrolling the roads. Ebby just had to find something disgusting, afterall she is a lapdog and loves to sleep on Mike's pillow. This morning she found a great big fresh pile of warm steaming horse manure to dig into.

Every night before bedtime this poor sweet little puppy gets a bath. Yesterdays bath just didn't cut the awful smell and Mike ended up using Lysol on her and when that didn't work Ebby was banned to the garage for the night.

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