Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday or Gray Friday?

It was raining this morning, kept raining all afternoon and is still drizzling a bit even now. Sanna and Sangria were turned out in the arena for some exercise and it was needed. They had been in all day yesterday because of the rain and now all day today Sanna was actually a bit stiff on her back end until she walked around a bit. Lily and Wynne were in the cabin field, the rain was pouring down and they did NOT want to come in. This is not a nice warm rain it was downright cold. They were going to be moved into the kid paddock as it is now empty but they just didn't want to come, they would rather eat the grass than stand inside. Knight was brought in to dry off before leaving for his new home. Will and Jenni Moser are free leasing him until the Reinhard's want him back. We are so glad to see him go, he would just not stay in, until today when I wanted him to come then of course he is all the way behind the pond grazing.
Dr. Hoerr came out to check over Sanna's filly and give the foal shot to her. He took one look at Sangria standing so huge in the opposite stall and exclaimed, "I see you bred my favorite mare again!" Now just for the record that was a lie. Sangria hates vets and the vets are always careful when they work on her. She bites them or knocks their teeth out. One time she had to be quarantined because of drawing blood on a UofI student. We were all dumfounded when we found out she was nasty to them. She has always been a delightful mare for us.
We are heading to church for the Good Friday service. Mike has offered to feed the 2 mares in stalls tonight after church.

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