Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

The sunrise service was everything expected and MORE. First up was a group of 6 junior high girls singing 2 part harmony on three songs. Then came Dusty and honestly, Dusty Funk played the piano and sang three songs there were so touching and beautiful tears were streaming down the faces of many. When he got up from the piano there was first silence then the applause started and I am convinced that if we hadn't applauded even the very curtains and walls would have. Bob Hoerr's group sang 3 very touching accapella songs ending with Then Came the Morning, then the choir sang 3 songs, and finally Chuck Hemmer finished up the service at 9:30 giving us just enough time to get to church 15 minutes before the morning service. How was that for timing?
After church we met at mom's for our big Easter dinner starring perfectly done turkey, asparagus, mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner salad and mom's home made banana nut bread. We were all too full to have desert right away so saved the strawberry covered New York cheese cake and coffee for later. One funny thing, we wanted to make this meal special and instead of just serving the asparagus with a bit of butter and salt we went all out cooking it with hard boiled eggs, a thick white sauce with cheese and sauteed butter cracker crumbs. Afterwards one of the girls said, "why did you put eggs with the asparagus? That just doesn't go together."
Rhoda brought Paris over for Addyson and she thought she was in heaven.

Great grandma was trying to convince her it was time to get off to give Nancy a turn and Addyson would say no, no and try to change the subject.

We finally convinced Addyson to jump on the tramp so Nancy could have a turn on Paris. Nancy was even able to trot Paris, she was also thrilled.

When Nancy was done Rhoda gave Addyson one more ride and this time even trotted. Addyson was all smiles.

We were thrilled when Phil and Anna showed up with little Braelyn. Mom had to hold this little sweet heart.

I was able to play with Braelyn a bit and when Rhonda brought over Tara's daughter Jane Leah, of course they needed to be compared.
After the volley ball games were over we sat around mom's table eating our desert visiting until time to head for home.
Nancy didn't get much sleep last night, she kept getting out of bed walking around, finally at 3:00am mom asked her, "Nancy why do you keep getting out of bed?" Nancy replied, "I'm trying to find my Easter basket." Once mom told her she would only find it in the morning Nancy stayed in bed the rest of the night.
Ben and Taunya took Nancy home. She was so glad to leave, Nancy was really tired of defending her Easter Bunny from everyone wanting a bite.
It was a long emotional day but had to stop at the farm to check on Sangria before driving home. No sign of her pending delivery so she was left out.

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